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Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Study

European export promotion organisation, aiming to identify short to mid term Business Opportunities in the Indian Corporate Social Responsibility segment

Opportunity Assessment

Client Objectives

  • Analysis of the new CSR act with respect to outlining opportunities for Swiss companies offering products/solutions towards CSR segments
  • Validate level of interest of Indian companies in partnering with Swiss firms for their product/ services requirements


  • Analysis conducted of the new CSR act (under section 135) and understanding various facets of CSR in India
  • Analysis of various dimensions of the Indian CSR sector with respect to activities, processes, regulations and challenges involved in CSR implementation
  •  Top 100 corporates in terms of CSR spending
  • Top NGOs operating in various social welfare segment in India
  • Social programmes  of Indian Government that require technology service providers
  • Business opportunities generated from the CSR activities/spend of companies in India
  • Research study covered 100 corporates and Public Sector Units (PSUs), who were contacted to gauge the level of interest for partnering with Swiss firms



  • Extensive follow-ups with 100 companies, responses from 33 corporate houses and PSUs were collated and documented
  •  Qualified companies who evinced interest presented to Swiss companies to their products and solutions to meet their CSR plans and initiatives