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Case Study

Hungarian Manufacturer of Microlight Aircrafts

Market Intelligence Study

Client Objectives

  • Develop an  in-depth understanding on the Indian Civil Aviation market with a product focus on Microlight Aircrafts in India
  • Detailed competition analysis including model specifications and price benchmarking of microlight aircrafts operating in India
  • Detailed regulatory approval process for operating and importing microlight aircrafts in India


  • Overview of Indian Civil Aviation Industry including Passenger Traffic, Freight Traffic, Air Objects Registered, and Airports
  • Overview and Competition Analysis of Microlight Aircrafts in India- including Domestic & Foreign
  •  Model specification chart of aircrafts, Price Bench-marking , and Warranty Policy of competitors in
  • Target customer segments including  Aero Sport Clubs, Non-Scheduled Operators, and Flying Training Organisations in India including aircrafts specification  that is currently in use by target customers
  • Procedure for Importing Microlight aircraft in India including Operational Compliance Requirements, Structure of Customs Duty for Import and Microlight Pilot Licensing process in India
  • Stakeholder mapping including MRO Organisations, DGCA Approved AME Training Institutes, Government Bodies & Key Influencers, and Aviation Consultants


  • Detailed advisory report, which included in-depth sectoral analysis, target competition analysis, including pricing & Warranty strategy, and customer analysis including fleet study 
  • Detailed regulatory approval process and timelines for importing and operating microlight  aircrafts in India including microlight pilot licensing procedure