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Case Study

Swiss Healthcare Infrastructure Company

Client Objectives

  • The company has a branch office in New Delhi, India since 2009. However the sales performance was not satisfactory. T&A was mandated to do an in-depth opportunity study on the healthcare market in India, with a focus on the flooring solutions currently being offered


  • Industry analysis on the flooring market for the healthcare segment in India which included market size and potential, industry trends, type of flooring currently being used, gaps & opportunities and competitors
  • Prepare a list of potential contractors having prior experience of building hospitals which included information regarding projects completed in the past, details on their upcoming projects and the type and amount of floor covering used in their previous projects
  • Decision chain matrix involved towards selection of different types of floor covering and other products being used in various areas of the healthcare segment
  • Extensive primary and secondary research was conducted to identify stakeholders along with the contact details of the relevant decision maker in each of the below mentioned segment:
    •  Hospital Contractors
    • Healthcare Consultants & Architects
    • Distributors of products/equipment used in Healthcare Delivery Infrastructure
    • Foreign/Domestic Manufacturers of hospital flooring

Road Show

  • Initial shortlist of 70 stakeholders across the above mentioned segments were identified
  • Each of the shortlisted organizations was contacted individually to discuss our client’s proposition
  • After extensive follow up, 20 management meetings were arranged with key decision makers in each of the shortlisted organizations