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Case Study

Ukrainian Producer, Manufacturer and Exporter of Agricultural Products in the Indian Market

Opportunity Assessment

Client Objectives

  • Evaluation of current agricultural industry with regards to the ongoing demand-supply trend of certain agricultural products
  • Identification of market entry routes and various regulations, import-export trends, distribution channels and potential partners to set up warehousing and distribution network of agro-products
  • Comprehensive assessment of the approximate cost of warehousing and other logistical charges
  • Analysis of current margin level across different value chain i.e. wholesalers, distributors and retailers for different agro-products and devise a pricing strategy to supply to consumers at a competitive price.


  • Market overview of Indian agriculture products with respect to their total domestic production,  demand-supply gap, import trends and market pricing
  • Identify potential customer clusters – Wholesalers, retailer, small-scale Wholesalers, across various geographical regions including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai
  • Map warehousing and customs clearance service providing companies
  • Regulatory framework and complexities, taxation policy, import duty, customs clearance, FSSAI clearance on imports and distribution of imported agricultural products


  • Detailed analysis of demand-supply and production-import scenarios of selected agricultural products, product cost and regulatory structure, margin levels, target customer analysis and in-depth research on distribution models
  • The report also included detailed profiles of major domestic Wholesalers/distributors, private label manufacturers, retailers and institutional buyers