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Case Study

Finnish solution provider of temperature controlled storage and transportation systems including insulated boxes, gel packs and gel pads

Social & Environment Impact Assessment

Client Objectives

  • In-depth overview of the Indian Temperature Controlled storage and transportation industry with a special emphasis on insulated boxes, gel packs and gel pads
  • Competition analysis including nature of competition, technology used by competition, and price bench-marking
  • Potential customer segments for example Quick Service Restaurants, dairy, frozen food an integral part


  • Detailed research study entailing primary and secondary research to provide the client with a 360 degree overview of the industry including market sizing, long term growth prospects, growth drivers and key trends
  • Identified 4 key segments that can be potential customers for the client. Further, in-depth primary interviews were conducted to get a market feedback on client products and technology
  • Identified the most popular technology currently used in Indian TCL industry and advantages and disadvantages of the products and solutions used
  • Qualified list of potential customers which the client can use for initial marketing activities and early conversion  


  • The company is currently in the process of setting up their own subsidiary in India and currently has a fully functional warehouse in Northern India managed by T&A
  • T&A is the India representatiůe wherein seůeral pilot projects have been conducted to prove viability of client products and technology in Indian operating environment
  • The client is currently is in advanced stage of discussions with several food processing companies, online groceries and last mile delivery companies to provide TCL solutions