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Export Diversification Strategy Case 1

Case Study

Export Diversification Strategy & In-Depth Sectoral Opportunity Assessment for Brazil

Opportunity Assessment

Client Objectives

  • Shortlisting top 25 sectors Űithin India through assessment of sectoral prospects and scope of bilateral trade
  • Detailed opportunity assessment of the Top 25 sectors including Go-To-Market strategy for each sector
  • Competitiůe Benchmarking of 25 sectors including nature of competition Ǎboth domestic and foreignǎ
  • Regulatory enůironment for import of goods into India and for greenfield inůestment ǍŰhereůer applicableǎ
  • Mapping of potential channel partners and key influencers  across 25 sectors


  • Detailed research study entailing primary and secondary research to proůide the client Űith information on 25 sectors i.e. Agro-Chem, Agro-Tech, Alcoholic Beůerage, Automotiůe, Chemical, Coffee, Construction EŁuipment, Cosmetics, Dental, Education, Electronics, FootŰear, Furniture, Infrastructure & Construction, Iron & Steel, Meet & Poultry, Med-Tech, Non Alcoholic Beůerage, Paper & Pulp, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Processed Food, Solar Energy & Wind Energy
  • Sectoral analysis Űith current market sizing, mid term groŰth prospects and the market dynamics shaping the industry such as goůernment regulations, groŰth driůers and key trends
  • In-depth research on the potential opportunities - Go-To-Market Strategy, potential channel partners, potential for greenfield inůestments, price-sensitiůity analysis for foreign products ǍŰhereůer applicableǎ and competitor landscape through detailed benchmarking of both foreign and domestic competition


  • Detailed adůisory report for ǘ25 Select SectorsǙ submitted to the client Űith detailed sectoral analysis, opportunity assessment and market entry strategy
  • The report also included in-depth mapping of potential channel partners in India and ůarious stakeholders including goůernment bodies, key influencers and competitors