Finland - A destination for International Talent

October 2020

Finland - A destination for International Talent

Snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, calm, and peace.

If we think a little more, Finland evokes pictures of gender equality, a great education system, and well-known multinationals like Kone and Nokia (every Indian is familiar with Nokia), and of course sauna baths.

And the most important statistics that we associate with Finland is that the Finnish are the happiest people in the world!

All the above are true but there is so much more to Finland. Did you know that Finland is one of the world’s most attractive career destinations for international talents?

Finland is closely connected with international trade and commerce. It is home to some of the biggest multinationals. Moreover, Finland being the ‘4th largest knowledge economy in the world’ (after Sweden, Denmark, and the UK), it invests a lot in knowledge. It is an advanced center of innovation, research, and development. So, Finland offers attractive study, research, and work opportunities. 

However, what is most attractive about Finland is the high quality of life it offers to its citizens, international students, and expat workers. Finland scores high on all human development indexes. According to the UNDP’s Human Development Report 2019, “Finland’s HDI value for 2018 is 0.925— which put the country in the very high human development category—positioning it at 12 out of 189 countries and territories.”

Finland is low on corruption, low on environmental pollution, high on gender equality; Finnish companies have some of the best work cultures, and benefits for its employees. 

Finland has a population of only 5.5 million or 55 lakh people with a fairly high per-capita income of $47,975. Finland now requires a steady flow of skilled talents to retain its high position in international trade and commerce. It needs fresh talents (as immigrants or expats) to sustain and grow the already vibrant economy. 

Apart from Helsinki, there are some vibrant and happening centers in Finland like:

  • Tampere
  • Turku 
  • Vaasa 
  • Joensuu
  • Lappeenranta 
  • Northern Savo (Pohjois-Savo)


Finland has some of the best universities in the world with great study, research, and work opportunities. The ICT sector, gaming, electronics, energy, biotechnology, manufacturing sector are all looking for skilled international talents to accelerate their growth.

Finland is a world of opportunities yet unexplored. It can be an attractive destination for Indian students, corporate employees, and entrepreneurs. It is an ideal place to bring up families with the best education, healthcare, and an unbelievable number of parental leaves available. The visa norms, immigration policies, trade laws, and industry practices are all conducive to build up a dynamic ecosystem of international talents. 

Finland works for most. It is surely going to work for you. T&A Consulting is delighted to be associated with Business Finland as their Market Intelligence and Implementation Support Partner for Investment & Location Promotion Activities in Finland.

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