International Trade and Investment in times of a pandemic

March 2020

International Trade and Investment in times of a pandemic

Given the current spread of this virus and the pace and complexity of international travel, the number of cases and deaths will likely continue to climb. The prognosis of the disease will dictate the prognosis of the industries it is impacting.<p>

International trade and investment have been impacted due to this economic slowdown albeit decision making is expected to resume once there is more visibility on the severity and geographical intensity of Covid-19.

India however, because of its geo-political location, remains a preferred destination for travel, trade and investment. The Indian economy can only brace for impact in the coming months.

At T&A Consulting the safety of its employees is paramount. A health advisory has been issued to all team members to work from home, restrict all non-essential business travel and switch to virtual meeting platforms to enable smooth business transactions.

T&A Consulting is closely monitoring the situation, making real-time decisions to implement other measures as needed to support our colleagues and customers. If there is anything that we can do to support you and your organization, please contact us at

Tarun Gupta, Founder & CEO at T&A Consulting says, "Team T&A remains committed to ensure communication with clients remains uninterrupted and all contingency plans with regards to safety of colleagues and client data have been put in place".

All of us will come out stronger from these challenging times.

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy